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Broj poruka : 117
Godina : 32
Localisation : Beograd
Emploi : ...
Loisirs : ...
Datum upisa : 02.04.2007

PočaljiNaslov: Tekstovi pesama   Uto Apr 10, 2007 9:58 am

Evo jedne sto ja volim
Send me an Angel

Do you believe in heaven above,
Do you believe in love?
Don't tell a lie
Don't be false or untrue
It all comes back to you

Open fire on my burning heart
I've never been lucky in love
My defenses are down
A kiss or a frown
I can't survive on my own

If a girl walks in
And carves her name in my heart
I'll turn and run away
Everyday we've all been led astray
It's hard to be lucky in love

It gets in your eyes
It's making you cry
Don't know what to do
Don't know what to do
Looking for love
Calling heaven above

Send me an angel
Send me an angel
Right now right now

Empty dreams can only disappoint
In a room behind your smile
But don't give up don't give up
You can be lucky in love
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Broj poruka : 28
Godina : 31
Localisation : 0000
Emploi : 0000
Loisirs : 0000
Datum upisa : 11.04.2007

PočaljiNaslov: (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight - Cutting Crew   Čet Apr 12, 2007 4:54 am

I keep looking for something I can't get
Broken hearts lie all around me
And I don't see an easy way out of this
Her diary, it sits on the bedside table
The curtains are closed, the cat's in the cradle
Who would've thought that a boy like me could come to this

Oh, I just died in your arms tonight
It must've been something you said,
I just died in your arms tonight
Oh, I just died in your arms tonight
It must've been some kind of kiss
I should've walked away, I should've walked away

Is there any just cause for feeling like this
On the surface I'm a name on a list
I try to be discreet, but then blow it again
I've lost and found, it's my final mistake
She's loving by proxy, no give and all take
'Cause I've been thrilled to fantasy one too many times

It was a long hot night
She made it easy, she made it feel right
But now it's over, the moment is gone
I followed my hands, not my head,
I know I was wrong
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